The VOD page is where you can access your streams in your EMS media folder. You can play or delete your VOD files here.

  1. Select the server’s media folder directory to be viewed

    Note: All media folder declared in config.lua or added using addStorage will be listed in the drop down list

  2. The files will automatically listed in the table.

  3. Select the Action you want to perform

    • Play - streams the VOD file from the media folder
    • Delete - deletes the VOD file in the media folder

Playing VOD

Using the UI, you can stream your VOD in an instant. Just select on the list you want to play and click on the Play button

Files you can play in VOD page:


  • Make sure that Flash is allowed in the browser
  • A window will open in every play instance
  • The player uses JSplayer version 5.8.8, the player s not supported in Firefox, please use Chrome