This page lists all the push/pull configurations in EMS. There we’re several configurations listed in this page:

  • pull - list of pulled streams in EMS
  • push - list of pushed streams from EMS
  • hls - list of HLS streams in EMS
  • dash - list of DASH streams in EMS
  • hds - list of HDS streams in EMS
  • mss - list of MSS streams in EMS
  • metalistener - list of metadata listeners in EMS
  • record - list of record streams in EMS
  • process - list of processes in EMS
  1. Choose the configuration type to filter

  2. A list of stream type will display, select the Action you want to perform

    • Information - displays the stream information in a window
    • Delete - deletes the stream in the configuration


Displays the basic information and status of the stream. It also allows you to play or delete the stream.

Play: plays the stream in a new window

Delete - deletes the stream in the configuration

Basic Information: displays the information of the stream

Stream Status: displays the connection status of the stream

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