Returns the versions for framework and this application.

API Parameter Table

This function has no parameters.

API Call Template


Success Response in JSON

    "banner":"EvoStream Media Server ( version 1.7.0 build 4242 with hash: 86bdcde75942b25390a15a6b1de521e913182bcf - PacMan|m| - (built for Ubuntu-14.04-x86_64 on 2015-11-18T10:54:56.000)",

JSON Response

The JSON response contains the following details:

  • data– Contains an integer representing the version
    • banner – The EMS banner
    • branchName – The branch name where the package is created
    • buildDate – The build date of the released package
    • buildNumber – The build number of the released package
    • codeName – The code name of the released EMS version
    • hash – The hash of the released package
    • releaseNumber – The version of the released package
  • description– Describes the result of parsing/executing the command
  • status – SUCCESS if the command was parsed and executed successfully, FAIL if not.