Returns details about every active stream-related connection. This does not include other connections used for EMS operations (telnet, license manager, interface, etc.).

API Parameter Table

Parameter Name Type Mandatory Default Value Description
excludeNonNetworkProtocols boolean false null The unique Id of the connection. Usually a value returned by listStreamsIds

API Call Template


Sample API Call

listConnections excludeNonNetworkProtocols=0

Success Response in JSON

"description":"Available connections",

JSON Response

The JSON response contains the following details:

  • data –  The data to parse.
    • carrier – Details about the connection itself
      • farIP – The IP address of the distant party
      • farPort – The port used by the distant party
      • Id - ID of the service
      • nearIP – The IP address used by the local computer
      • nearPort – The port used by the local computer
      • rx – Total bytes received on this connection
      • tx – Total bytes transferred on this connection
      • type – The connection type (TCP, UDP)
    • pullSettings/pushSettings/hlsSettings/hdsSettings/mssSettings/dashSettings/recordSettings – A copy of the parameters used in the stream command that caused this connection to be made
      • Other fields present depend on the stream type (see pushStreampullStream, createHLSStreamcreateHDSStreamcreateMSSStreamcreateDASHStreamrecord commands)
    • stack – details about what internal resources are using the connection
      • applicationID – the ID of the internal application using the connection
      • creationTimestamp – The time (in UNIX seconds) when the application started using the connection
      • id – The unique ID for this stack relation
      • isEnqueueForDelete – Internal flag used for cleanup
      • queryTimestamp – The time (in UNIX seconds) when this data was populated
      • rxInvokes – Number of received RTMP function invokes
      • streams – Details about the streams that are using the connection (see fields inlistStreams)
      • txInvokes – Number of sent RTMP function invokes
      • type – A descriptor for how the application is using the connection
  • description– Describes the result of parsing/executing the command
  • status – SUCCESS if the command was parsed and executed successfully, FAIL if not.