Returns a detailed set of information about a connection.

API Parameter Table

Parameter Name Type Mandatory Default Value Description
id integer true null The uniqueId of the connection. Usually a value returned by listStreamsIds

API Call Template

getConnectionInfo id=<id>

Sample API Call

getConnectionInfo id=144

Success Response in JSON

    "description":"Connection information",

JSON Response

The JSON response contains the following details:

  • data –  The data to parse.
    • carrier - Details about the connection itself
    • stack - details about what internal resources are using the connection
      • applicationId - the ID of the internal application using the connection
      • creationTimeStamp - The time (in UNIX seconds) when the application started using the connection
      • Id - The unique ID for this stack relation
      • isEnqueForDelete - Internal flag used for cleanup
      • queryTimeStamp - The time (in UNIX seconds) when this data was populated
      • type - A descriptor for how the application is using the connection
  • description– Describes the result of parsing/executing the command
  • status – SUCCESS if the command was parsed and executed successfully, FAIL if not.