This command lists all currently active HTTP streaming sessions.

API Parameter Table

This function has no parameters.

API Call Template


Success Response in JSON

  "data": [
    "clientIP": "",
    "elapsedTime": 33,
    "sessionId": 1,
    "startTime": "2014-12-17T18-31-13",
    "targetFolder": "C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\hls_group\\mystream"
  "description":"Currently open HTTP streaming sessions",

JSON Response

  • data– The data to parse
    • clientIP – The IP address of the connected client
    • sessionId – An internal ID for the session
    • startTime – The timestamp when the session started
    • elapsedTime – The number of seconds since the session started
    • targetFolder – The current folder used as the source for HTTP streaming
  • description – Describes the result of parsing/executing the command
  • status – SUCCESS if the command was parsed and executed successfully, FAIL if not.