Returns a list with all push/pull configurations.

Whenever the pullStream or pushStream interfaces are called, a record containing the details of the pull or push is created in the pullpushconfig.xml file. Then, the next time the EMS is started, the pullpushconfig.xml file is read, and the EMS attempts to reconnect all of the previous pulled or pushed streams.

API Parameter Table

This function has no parameters.

API Call Template


Success Response in JSON

    "dash":[details of dash streams],
    "hds":[details of hds streams],
    "hls":[details of hls streams],
    "metalistener":[details of metalistener added],    
    "mss":[details of mss streams],
    "process":[details of on process commands sent],
    "pull":[details of pulled streams],
    "push":[details of pushed streams],
    "record":[details of recorded streams],
    "webrtc":[details of started webRTC channels]
"description":"Run-time configuration",

JSON Response

The JSON response contains the following details:


  • Only the configurations with a keepAlive value of true will be listed
  • Active configurations will also be listed