Starting release 2.0, the HTML5 web player of EMS or what we’ve called the evoplayers, can now play different streams such as:

  • Pulled RTMP/RTSP streams
  • Lazy pulled streams
  • Playlist files

Follow the instructions below on how to use WebSocket for streaming:

WebSocket Streaming

  1. Access the test page demo/evoplayers.html
  1. Enter the EMS IP address and the stream name of the stream/lazy pull file/playlist file you want to play

    Note: Lazy pull and playlsit files should be in media folder

  2. Enter the EMS IP address and the stream name of the stream you want to play.

  3. Hit Play to start streaming!

    Playing RTMP/RTSP Pulled Streams:

    Playing Lazy Pulled File:

    Playing Playlist File:


    There are two players available for WebSocket. You can stream the same source or stream two different sources at the same time!

WebSocket Over SSL

This WebSocket player uses an encrypted transport (SSL) to secure the websocket connection. To stream using this:

  1. Enable WebSockets over SSL FMP4 Fetch in config.lua

    -- WebSockets over SSL FMP4 Fetch
    				--[[                                           ---- remove comments to enable
    				]]--                                           ---- remove comments to enable
  2. Modify the parameters if needed

  3. Restart EMS

  4. Access the test page demo/evoplayers.html and you can now stream using the WebSocket Over SSL player!


  • We encourage to use a signed certificate for this

  • If you will use a self-signed certificate, add the certificate to the exception/trusted publishers of the browser before using the player