The EvoStream Media Server on Azure provides highly efficient and scalable Live Video streaming.

  • Stream Security Cameras in real time directly to HTML 5 Browsers
  • Share your Drone stream with sub-second latency to iPhones and Androids
  • Broadcast a racing event to both in-stadium fans and online viewers

Ditch browser plugins and stream with Sub-Second delay directly to HTML 5 browsers, including Android and iOS! The EvoStream Media Server provides complete transcode capabilities at NO extra cost for full support for DASH and HLS. Easily and immediately stream with seamless adaptive bitrate broadcasting. With the EvoStream Media Server you can:

  • Stream to YouTube Live, Akamai, Twitch and more to facilitate broader distribution through CDNs.
  • Lower your costs by doing more with smaller Azure instances
  • Take advantage of all Premium Features, like Load Balancing, DRM, Transcoding, and more, at no extra cost!
  • Secure your content with Encryption, Atomic Access Control, and DRM.

The EvoStream Media Server does not rely on Java, which means a secure platform to operate from. Running the EvoStream Media Server on Azure gives you the maximum efficiency for each of your servers, and total flexibility for all of your streaming requirements.

Available Image for EMS 2.0

EMS templates available in Azure marketplace:

  • EvoStream Media Server PAYG (Pay As You Go) - this image has the EvoStream Media Server 2.0 for Ubuntu 16.04. It already has a license installed so you don’t have to worry bringing your own license! Check plans and pricing here.