• Microsoft Account

Setup Virtual Machine Environment

  1. Sign in to your Azure Marketplace account and search for the EvoStream Media Server or simply follow this link. Click GET IT NOW.

    Note: The image is running on Ubuntu 16.04 x64 machine

  2. Create the app in Azure by clicking Continue

  3. You will be redirected to the EvoStream Media Server page. Read on the notes and if ready, click on the Create button.

  4. Configure the virtual machine settings based on your preferences:

    • Configure basic settings, click OK

    • Choose virtual machine size, click OK

      Note: Click on View all to see all the available machine size, click OK

    • Configure optional features, click OK

    • Review Summary and click Create

  5. To check if the image has been created, on the Microsoft Azure Dashboard, click on the Virtual machines. You will now see the image created once the deployment succeeded.


  • The machine is started after the deployment
  • You cannot use the License file in Azure in other EMS instance