EMS 2.0.1

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Removed Google and Facebook account login options on the UI login page to prevent unauthorized access
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to play VOD files using aliasing in Windows
  • Restricted API’s used by angular for better UI security
  • Fixed playback of RTMP streams when the EMS is running in daemon clustered mode
  • Fixed playback in Edge where buffer clearing (which is used to maintain low latency) caused playback skipping
  • Minor UI improvements such as fixing API names in API explorer and corrected port number entry in dashboard

EMS 2.0.0


  • HEVC/H.265 support - HLS and DASH playback
  • New Web UI - Node.js based with full access to EMS API
  • New Evo-Webserver based on Node.js
  • IPv6 support for all protocols
  • Integration ready player libraries for Browsers, iOS and Android
  • Direct playback via <video> tag, no player required!
  • New Raspberry-Pi hardware-enabled transcoder

New Features

  • Android/iOS Peer to peer (WebRTC) playback now uses SRTP
  • HTML5 Events for easy integration of Browser Player
  • Rewritten example webservices into Javascript
  • Server-Side-Playlist support for WebRTC and Websocket/HTML playback
  • Lazy-Pull support for WebRTC and Websocket/HTML playback
  • TCP TURN now available for WebRTC connections
  • TLS encrypted ERS Communications for browser and EMS connections
  • Support for COTURN and other compatible STUN/TURN servers
  • Metadata delivery over websockets

New APIs

  • addMetadataListener - adding metadata listeners on the fly
  • listMetadataListeners - list these metadata ingestion points
  • getInboundStreamsCount - a more precise method versus GetStreamsCount
  • getLicenseId - to programatically retrieve your license id. used by the new UI

New Events

  • hdsChunkClosed
  • hlsChunkClosed
  • dashChunkClosed
  • webRtcServiceStarted
  • webRtcServiceStopped

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Log files will now roll appropriately including between runs of the EMS
  • HTTP-Proxy now properly uses “?” instead of “%3f” to separate the parameters from the URL
  • Major improvements to Websocket and WebRTC browser player
  • Proper retry of ERS connection if a disconnect occurs
  • Added an RTSP buffer variable in config.lua to prevent trimming of very large key-frames
  • Fixed FUA issue on outbound RTP/RTSP streams
  • fixed random stream name on MPEG-TS push
  • Fixed infrequent audio/video sync issue on DASH
  • Fixed processing of playlistname and chunkbasename parameters for createHLSstream command
  • Fixed to allow audio/video only HLS
  • Fixed an issue in the mp4writer where it would choke on very large files