Every EMS Web Service is contained within a “plugin”. Each plugin can be enabled or disabled, effectively turning on and off each web service. The EMS Web Service system allows many Web Service Plugins to be active at one time, allowing users to create an entire suite of features.

A. Configuration file (config.ini/plugins.json)

The EMS Web Services has a primary configuration file for the plugins.

Location: evowebservices > config > plugins.json

Turn on a plugin by changing the disabled to enabled. By default all plugins are disabled.

Plugin Configuration:

"plugin_switch": "enabled",

B. Logging (logging.json)

Available only on node. This is the configuration for the evowebservices log files and the log console. Go to evowebservices > config > logging.json for configuration.

Configuration options for logging:

  "options": {
    "level": "silly",    
    "handleExceptions": true,
    "json": false,
    "maxsize": 5242880

  • level - the logging level for logs

    There are 6 default levels in winston:

    level 0 = silly (lowest)
    level 1 = debug
    level 2 = verbose
    level 3 = info
    level 4 = warn
    level 5 = error (highest)
  • handleExceptions - Handling Uncaught Exceptions with winston

  • json - log files are in json format otherwise log files are saved as string format

  • maxsize - maximum size of the log file in KB