EMS EvoStream Media Server
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
NAT Network Address Translators
Room A logical place where a single EMS joins and waits for incoming clients (web browsers) to connect/join. If there are 10 IP cameras that has a running EMS on each of those cameras, 10 unique rooms will be created by these EMS as they connect to ERS. If an EMS attempts to connect to a room already joined by another EMS instance, the last EMS will not be allowed to join this room. Rooms can be limited by having entries on allowedrooms field of the configuration file (config/default.json) upon ERS start-up. Or they can be added upon run-time through the addRoom admin command.
STUN Session Traversal Utilities for NAT
Token A valid identifier passed by a connecting client (browser) to ERS to indicate that it has the appropriate permission to access the streams available on EMS of a specified room. This token will be available within 10 minutes after it is used by a client and will be removed once the 10 minute mark has expired. Once used, other clients using the same token will not be able to join a room. This prevents unwanted access to the available streams of a running EMS instance. Tokens can be added using the addToken admin command.
TURN Traversal Using Relays around NAT
webRTC Web Real-Time Communication