The EMS Event Notification System provides an extremely powerful way of interacting with the EMS. At the basic level it allows you to easily understand and monitor the usage of your server. You can either poll and parse the log file, or simply subscribe to the HTTP based notifications sent out by the EMS.

Beyond monitoring and gathering metrics, you can use the Event Notification System to create custom stream processing. If you want to automatically create HLS or HDS or DASH streams out of new inbound streams, simply call createHLSStream, createHDSStream or createDASHStream in response to each “new inbound stream” event. If you want to close inbound streams when the associated outbound stream is lost, call shutdownStream when you receive a “outbound stream closed” event.

List of Events used by the Web Services

The following events are generated by the EMS:

  • inStreamClosed – An inbound stream has been closed

  • outStreamCreated – A new outbound stream has been created

  • timerCreated A new timer has been created via the createTimer API command

  • timerTriggered – The requested timer event

  • timerClosed - A timer has been closed and will not create any new timerTriggered events

  • hlsMasterPlaylistUpdated – HLS group playlist has been modified

  • hlsChildPlaylistUpdated – Stream specific HLS playlist has been modified

  • hlsChunkClosed – A new HLS segment has been completed and is ready on disk

  • hdsMasterPlaylistUpdated – HDS group manifest has been modified

  • hdsChildPlaylistUpdated – Stream specific HDS manifest has been modified

  • hdsChunkClosed – A new HDS segment has been completed and is ready on disk

  • dashChunkClosed - A new DASH fragment has been completed and is ready on disk

  • dashPlaylistUpdated - DASH manifest has been modified