The EMS Web Services provide a suite of RESTful web services that leverage the EMS Run-Time API and EMS Event Notification system to extend and enhance the EvoStream Media Server. The EMS Web Services can be used in production and/or built from to fit specific needs and requirements. These web services are included in the EMS package or distribution.

EvoStream currently provides the following web services:

  • Stream Recorder: Tells the EMS to automatically record any stream that has a particular, customizable, naming convention.
  • Load Balancer: Provides a mechanism for maintaining all source streams on multiple EMS instances. This allows for automatic redundancy and/or provides multiple source servers to pull from.
  • Auto Router: Automatically forward source streams with a particular, customizable, naming convention to another server. Destination server can be another EMS, a popular CDN, or any other streaming server.
  • HLS/HDS Amazon Upload: Automatically upload HLS and HDS streams to your Amazon S3 buckets for easy and massive distribution.