By default, EMS accepts stream requests through web sockets and can be customized or disabled through the config.lua file.

A test page is included on the demo folder of the EMS to demonstrate this feature. Access the file demo/evowsvideo.html and adjust the URI address to the EWS port and stream name fields respectively:

Playing Videos Using Web Sockets

  1. Open the EMS WebSocket page in a browser:



Parts of EvoStream WebSocket Video Demo Page:

WS URI:              Set the URI with EMS IP Address : WebSocket port  
Stream Name:         Set the localStreamName to be played  
Play:                Click to start playback  
Stop:                Click to stop playback  
Show debug messages: Tick to show logs messages

2. Enter the EMS IP address and port where the web socket is configured.

3. Enter the localStreamName to be played.

4. Press the Play button.