There will likely come a time where stopping a stream is needed. There are two general types of streams: Inbound Streams and Outbound Streams. The convention being used for the direction is always from the perspective of the EMS. So therefore an Inbound Stream can also be considered a source stream.


  • Inbound Streams have both a localStreamName and an ID.

  • Outbound Streams have only an ID.

    • Stopping an Inbound Stream will automatically shut down all associated Outbound Streams.


There are two functions provided for stopping streams: shutdownStream and removeConfig

shutdownStream is intended for doing just what it says, shutting down a stream. By setting the permanently parameter to true, shutdownStream will also remove the configuration entry (if one exists) in the pullPushConfig.xml file.

shutdownStream localstreamname=RTSPTest


shutdownStream id=333 permanently=0


removeConfig is intended to remove the entry in pullPushConfig.xml, but it will also stop the associated stream.

removeConfig id=22

Note: The stream ID is not the same as the config ID. The listStreams command shows stream IDs. The listConfig command shows configuration IDs.