Starts a WebRTC signalling client to an ERS (Evostream Rendezvous Server)

This function has the following parameters:

Parameter Name Mandatory Default Value Description
ersip true null IP address (xx.yy.zz.xx) of ERS
ersport true null IP address (xx.yy.zz.xx) of ERS
roomId true null Unique room Identifier (string) within ERS that will be used by client browsers to connect to this EMS

An example of the startwebrtc interface is:

startWebrtc ersip= ersport=3535 roomid=ThisIsATestRoomName

This will open port 3535 in IP and will open doors for the room ID which can be accessed using the evowrtcclient.html


API Call:

startWebrtc ersip= ersport=3535 roomid=ThisIsATestRoomName 

JSON Response:

"description":"Started WebRTC Negotiation Service",

The JSON response contains the following details.

  • data – The data to parse.
    • configId - The configuration ID for this command
    • ersip – The IP address of the ERS
    • ersport – The port of the ERS
    • keepAlive - ??
    • name - ??
    • operationType – The type of operation
    • roomId – The room identifier
    • sslCert - The SSL certificate
    • sslKey - The SSL key certificate
  • description – Describes the result of parsing/executing the command
  • status – SUCCESS if the command was parsed and executed successfully, FAIL if not